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How to increase your sales leads

Writing effective news releases and articles

To be effective, a news release needs to quickly show journalists that it is newsworthy and relevant to their publication.The style of writing required is different from other promotional literature such as brochures and advertisements, as journalists don't like to feel they are being sold to.

We will use our experience to produce expertly written releases that give your products and services maximum exposure across a broad range of publications.

Identifying target publications

Having produced a well-written news release the next step is to compile a comprehensive list of relevant target publications. These may include printed and online trade magazines, newspapers, technical journals and specialist news sites, as well as blogs and social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

We can use our extensive and continuously updated media database to draw up lists of target publications tailored to each release. Targeting a wide range of publications can bring enquiries from prospective customers from unexpected sources. Longer applications stories or feature articles can be placed as exclusives with individual publications.

Advance notice of special issues

Don't be left out when a special issue or feature on your market is being published. Let us keep you informed of forthcoming features and make sure your copy is written in time for inclusion.

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